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Veronice De Abreu

Veronice De Abreu

Born April 19th 1983 in Porto Alegre, Veronice de Abreu has always had a strong personality.

Raised by her single mother Vera Maria, she grew up with her brother and best friend Marcus Vinicius.

With a mother specialized in the carrnival dance called "passista", Veronice gets exposed to samba at the tender age of 8. It's at the Imperadores do Samba school that she completely falls in love with the rhythms of of this Brazilian dance.

At 20, she participates to her first samba contest, well her 2 first contests, since she does one to represent the Bambas de Orgia samba school, and one to become queen of the drum of the Unidos da Candinha. What she wasn't expecting was...to win both! She thus has to give up one of the titles and decides to defend the flag of Unidos da Candinha in 2002 alongside Renato Borghetti, guest of honor for that year.

A year later, Veronice flies to Sao Paulo where she begins a career as a model. A Great experience.

In the meantime she also finds time to study and received a diploma in the field of tourism.

In a city with 18 million people, Veronice doesn't wait too long before meeting carnavalescos and being invited to become a destaque for the Vai-Vai samba school in 2004.

Destiny brings her back to Rio shortly after these great times, and she soon makes noise in the magnificent city as she becomes a member of the show group of the Rocinha samba school and participates to the contest for queen of the Carnival in 2005. She doesn't win this contest but for a small loss she gets a big win by being found by Valci who invites her to become a professional in the Portela samba school and represent the school at the Musa du Carnaval contest which aired on Brazilian TV channel TV Globo in 2006.

Following these accomplishments, she is hired to shoot the vinhetas da globo in which she dances on television for 24 samba schools in Rio and Sao Paulo and she participates to the tv series Cidade dos homens.

At a time when she's studying law, appearing on TV, and dancing at the carnival, a new choice appears in her life: stay in Brazil or try a new adventure in Europe.

Relocated in Switzerland, the shining beauty that is this girl from Porto Alegre focuses on studying and gets a business diploma. She uses her new skills to found a samba association in Geneva.

Miss Samba Show

Right after arriving in Geneva, Veronice goes for the Miss Fête de Genève beauty contest, a task that asked for courage as the young Brazilian lady had started learning French only 3 months earlier. Courage was a good idea, as she won her first crown that year (2007).

Enthusiasm is her drive. It took her to the UK for studying English and while there, participating to the Miss Brazil of UK contest...and winning it!

A step backward, a step forward...back to her Miss Samba Show. This independent group of 5 female dancers and 3 male dancers, all from Brazil, knows instant success: over 70 shows in 3 years everyhwere in Switzerland. From Red Cross benefits, a football game for the European Leukodystrophy Association patroned by Zinedine Zidane, the Fêtes de Genève, the Montreux Jazz Festival and the list goes on...The Miss Samba Show delivers the goods in various places.